Sank Magic Practice Copybook, (4 BOOKS + 10 REFILL+ 1 Pen +1 Grip) Number Tracing Book for Preschoolers with Pen, Magic Calligraphy Copybook Set Practical Reusable Writing Tool Simple Hand Lettering


This set of 4 Sank Magic Practice Copybook includes 10 refills, 1 pen and 1 grip. The main purpose of these magic books are to improve the hand writing of kids.


This early education tool offers an effective method for children to develop fundamental skills. Through engaging with our preschool workbook, children can enhance their abilities while having fun. This workbook series is designed with a plethora of exercises aimed at fostering the essential eye-hand coordination needed for proficient writing.

The paper of this sank magic copybook is thick, making it resistant to smudging and staining. Additionally, the pen holder is crafted from silicone, ensuring it is entirely safe for children to use.


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